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NEW Products Coming Soon to Further Enhance your Container

NEW Products Coming Soon to Further Enhance your Container

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Standard Container

Exterior: H:8'6" W: 8' L: 20'

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  • Shipping & Delivery

    20’ Tilt bed individual delivery: This is our most maneuverable truck. This truck is used to deliver containers that are 20’ in length and smaller.

    40’ Tilt bed individual delivery:
    The 40’ tilt bed trailer is hauled with a small cab tractor. This vehicle is capable of offloading it’s self and hauls containers from 25ft to 45ft in length and includes high cube containers as well.

    Flatbed and Step-deck delivery:
      These flatbed trucks must be offloaded with a forklift or crane.

  • Site Preparation

    Onsite Space: Where you want your container to sit will typically require at least three times your containers length in a straight line to allow the driver to get the bed out from under the container and room for the delivery truck and trailer to turn around.

    The container is suitable to be placed directly on the ground. It does require adequate drainage and a level surface. It is very difficult to get a level space so we recommend the containers are placed on blocks or pressure treated wood of some kind. This will make it much easier to properly level the container after placement and to pick the container back up after it is delivered and loaded.